The Apocalypse Club was founded in 2009 out of frustration with the ‘Hollywood system’, the lack of opportunity for UK filmmakers and an uncontrollable urge to tell you a story...

We are committed to making good quality films and TV programmes. We are not afraid to be different, and with our morbid fascination for exploring the unknown we like to look at the darker side of life and uncover its beauty. There are no Hollywood just is what it is.

Current productions: ‘Writing A Film For Leisa Rae’ (Short Film)
                     ‘In A Handful Of Dust’ (Short Film)
                     ‘This Is The Way The World Ends...’ (Film)
                     ‘Caught Between The Punk Rock And A Hard Place’ (Doc)

Recently completed:  ‘Agitation! Progaganda!’ - Legend In Japan (Music Video)
                     ‘Black and White’ - Red n Pink (Music video)
                     ‘Say You Love Me’ - Voodoo Hussy (Music video)

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